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Zhongshan Benoy Refrigeration Equipment Co., in order to better develop the market in a pioneering market, sincere cooperation, mutual win-win principle, for the national market sales
Exclusive sale for a regional (provincial and municipal) agents, general sales distributors in three forms, presented different conditions in the qualification, price discounts, brand support, etc.
Requirements and incentives to ensure that partners get good earnings in the business process. Limited intends to cooperate with Zhongshan Benoy refrigeration equipment businesses or individuals, according to when
To market conditions and the strength of its own business to select the appropriate form of cooperation, work together to carry out market. Benoy Affiliate Center
Join conditions:
1, there is a strong sense of professionalism, success consciousness and awareness territory; identity "Benoy" corporate culture and management model, the company comply with the market system;
2, familiar with the economic situation and urban planning in the region, developments;
3, with the market development and management capacity, and have a certain marketing and marketing experience
Advantages of joining:
We focus on system bar cabinet, table pizza ingredients, ice cream display cabinets, the size of the two-door table, cold plate, six barrels of warm and cold sandwiches cabinet.
Benoy brand values: Sili and people, the benefits as for people
Benoy electrical goods design: safe, stylish, portable, comfortable
Joining support:
 1, enjoy the company of the first Distribution support (see Distribution Protocol)
 2, enjoy regional exclusive agents, market protection, advertising, marketing,
 3, enjoy the training courses, and improve after-sales support
 4, year-end rebates (rebate policy otherwise details)
Joining process:
Distributors, resellers join the application process:
1, the website message, we will leave your contact details and you take the initiative to contact; or ask our staff to obtain information related to cooperation
2, fill the "Zhongshan Beinuo Refrigeration Equipment Co. cooperation application form", and escalation of local market development plan and work plans.
3, the "Zhongshan Beinuo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. to apply for Form" and market planning table is sent to the company by mail.
4, the company's preliminary review of the application, assessment and after visits, telephone or e-mail contact reached a preliminary cooperation intention.
5, after the company signed with the audit "Benoy Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhongshan regional agent agreement."
6, the company awarded the relevant documents, certificates, officially became Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Beno legally authorized dealer or reseller.